Pinpoint is complete analytics and reporting platform for data warehousing, data visualization, ad-hoc reporting as well as advanced analytics. The platform uses a radically different cube less architecture that allows an extremely fast implementation. Authorized users can generate a report right from their desktop, getting the “what is happening and why?” questions answered as needs arises. The analyst is not required to have intensive programming language or extensive query writing skills. The solution architecture is fully end-user oriented.

Solution Feature


Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership, No Hidden costs)


Wide range of Forecasting models

Generate SIMPLE to COMPLEX reports with DRAG & DROP FEATURE

Built-In AI, API & ML

Help yourself and serve yourself. ‘SELF SERVICE BI’ tool

HTML 5.0 Compliant

Whole body analysis

Types of Analytics:

The most basic feature of analytics tool that enables users to get reports on what is the current status of the company using various graphical objects such as graphs, tables etc. This answers the question on “What is happening” in my organization/department/division.

This mode of analytics gives the user the power to not only answer the question such as “What is happening” (if there is a significant change in the measure), but also can easily point out “Where it happened” (responsible dimension) and “Why did it happen” (member of the dimension responsible for that significant change and the impact).

We have developed a set of unique advanced descriptive analytic features such as “START”, “ONLY”, “SIGNIFICANCE” and many more which would provide true actionable information to any user.

Predictive analytics will give an idea of what’s going to happen if the current trend continues. Predictive analytics is the process of using data analytics to make predictions based on data. This process uses data along with analysis, statistics, and machine learning techniques to create a predictive model for forecasting future events. The process harnesses heterogeneous, often massive, data sets into models that can generate clear, actionable outcomes.

Standard Algorithms

  • Support Vector Machines
  • Single Exponential
  • Double Exponential
  • Smoothing
  • Conservative
  • Holt-Winters
  • Random Walk Forest (RWF)
  • Seasonal NAÏVE
  • Auto Regression
  • Seasonal ARIMA
  • Logarithmic ARIMA
  • Exponential

‘Prescriptive analytics’ is the next frontier post experiencing Predictive Analytics. This gives insights and suggests actions on how to react in the best way possible for the given prediction.

  • Prescriptive analytics helps in modifying the future by identifying the impacting factors on a KPI and thus modifying those to change the predicted value.
  • Pinpoint Prescriptive Analytics helps in identifying the owners for each problem and also recommends ways to fix it, hence facilitating good governance and efficient management.

Advance Edition

‘Patent-Pending’ prescriptive analytics tool known as ZENITH STRATEGY. This gives insight into the problems faced by company using a proprietary methodology called “Pathway Analytics”. The focus is on the path of operation to the granular level information instead of high-level dimensional approach. This enables to set a target and thus show the changes required in each “Pathway” or operation to achieve that and vice versa.