Ticket ManagementSystem

Manage, maintain and track your customer support tickets.

Self-service portal that lets your users submit service requests quickly and keep users informed on issues and requests with online status updates and search knowledge base.


  • Clone ticket similar tickets need to be created for a different contact.
  • Split ticket if the user raised a single ticket with multiple requests in it, you can split the ticket.
  • merge duplicate tickets together into one ticket and manage responses from on active ticket
  • Group a ticket ,agent would often see multiple users raising tickets related to one common problem or a root cause
  • Agent collision having multiple agents shoots responses to the same ticket affects agent's productivity. Oregalo takes agent collision even further by letting you know by a lock symbol for it, when another agent starts typing a response from a specific ticket, so you can hold your replies to the one
  • Bulk Actions allow you to run a set of ticket changes of one or more tickets. You have the option to assign multiple tickets for a single agent more than that you can update dependency, or you can schedule multiple tickets at the same time
  • Escalation matrix allows you to specify multiple user contacts to be notified in the event of critical issues, there are best practices to follow to ensure your escalations get tracked and analysed by performing root cause analysis to rectify what has gone wrong and prevent re-occurrences and the best results.
  • Schedule Management Prepare work schedules, monitor work progress, be alerted on renewals and more!

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