Asset Management System

Ensuring that a company's tangible and intangible assets are maintained, accounted for, and put to their highest and best use.

Finest accuracy on it asset inventory management with advanced asset auto discovery tools and more!


  • Captures and update detailed asset information and hardware configuration
  • Captures serial numbers, mac address and IP address, manufacturer and configuration
  • Captures software's publisher, versions and installation date
  • Detailed view of operating system, version, product id and serial number

Captures system user, workgroup, domain details

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Detailed view of asset dashboard, with duplicate asset notifications and synchronization changes

  • Asset lifecycle log from purchased date to created date and from deployed date to retired date with lifetime log
  • Maintain status, sub status and IP location and user location by block, building, floor & inventory type
  • Allocate to users and track the asset allocation and handed over history from asset deployed to retired date
  • Allocate tags’ and Bar Codes, QR Code
  • View users link assets and accessories
  • Update and maintain the purchase and warranty information
  • Map Assets under Corporate, BYOD, POCE, COPE policy's
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