Empowers decision makers at each level with actionable information

Pinpoint is a truly unique system developed specifically to meet the informational needs of every role in the information pyramid–from the C-level executives to the actual data analysts/users.

The Pinpoint portfolio boasts of modules that cater to each individual in the organization. Dashboard portals for the executives, email reports and alerts for line and operations managers, analytics for data analysts and ad-hoc reporting for end users.

These unique tool sets are designed with the intent to satisfy everyone’s informational needs and accelerate productivity (we removed all query language and complicated syntax). The entire system is “end-user-centric”, allowing users to design complex reports and perform comprehensive analytics simply via point & click.

Reduces decision making lags

Pinpoint works off a data warehouse that does not use the cumbersome and computationally expensive cubes and hence can be updated very frequently.

At most installations updates are done every night, providing users complete and up-to-date information without delay.

Helps evolve IT’s role from operational to strategic

Pinpoint is a single suite of software, remarkably lean in its operation; it does not hog expensive IT resources for overall system administration.

It brings the information to the end users and thus reduces the burden on IT to satisfy these needs so IT can devote more time/focus on strategic contributions.

Minimizes operational bottlenecks due to monthly reporting

Pinpoint is a true OLAP system, having its own data warehouse that stores a copy of the data from the transaction systems while meeting reporting requirements and in the process unloads the main Transaction Processing Systems of reporting tasks.

Creates a unified view of the enterprise

Pinpoint was specifically designed to integrate data from disparate data sources belonging to several business processes in the enterprise.

The Pinpoint data integrator integrates the data from these disparate sources and stitches/mashes them together by removing all the process specific data normalization, preserving all the idiosyncrasies, capturing intrinsic business knowledge and establishing inter-process relationships to deliver a completely realistic unified view of the enterprise.

Establishes trust in the information across the enterprise

Pinpoint is implemented in a completely novel way where the enterprise is broken down into core business processes and the IT infrastructure supporting these processes is understood.

The data warehouse is then built in a hybrid style (a mix of top-down and bottom-up) and thus a unified view at the enterprise level made of constituents at each level is developed.

These process constituents are matched back to the host systems and thus the data from the highest to the lowest level always reconciles with the host system and creates information-trust across the enterprise.

Easy Use = Increased and Rapid Use = Quick ROI

Pinpoint is completely “end-user-centric”, is extremely intuitive, easy to learn/use – completely devoid of technical jargon and syntax.

Pinpoint’s unique design and thoughtful implementation invariably changes the whole enterprise’s outlook to decision making and decision-makers hungry for information are not starved.

Cultivates an environment of communication across processes and facilitates collaborative decision making

Pinpoint is geared for strategic decision making, making this possible by building a single version of informational truth in the data warehouse that spans all the core business processes.

This develops trust between the departments responsible for these separate business processes and gives a solid platform for collaborative decision making and sharing of information that can be easily reconciled and validated.

Provides a detailed understanding of fiscal profitability

Pinpoint is implemented in a systematic way so as to give you a complete understanding of your business from the enterprise level P&L to the profitability and operating margins at the lowest level of granularity.

Thus giving you a complete understanding of the profitability at each level of the hierarchy and the impact and contribution of each to the overall profitability.

Uncovers intra & inter process inefficiencies

Pinpoint provides enterprises with comprehensive reporting and analytics on all the data in their organizations.

The Pinpoint data warehouse brings to bare the underlying process model, by involving all the process owners during the data modeling phase where all process quirks and inefficiencies are discovered.

Facilitates operational process improvement

Pinpoint recognizes that aggregate/summary level reports do not communicate the entire truth and so it was developed on a completely novel cube-less concept that does not have pre-aggregated summaries.

To meet the need of the operations and line managers Pinpoint provides complete access to the lowest level of detail, capturing the essence of the processes.

Single License (not by-seat) encourages increased usage across the organization by more employees, maximizing benefits and ROI

Proliferation across the organization and improved collaboration.

Easier data integration effort.

Faster and less costly implementations.

A single license for all of the components.

Higher business user satisfaction.

Increased opportunities for financial and operations improvement.

Substantially higher ROI.