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The Document Management System is a complete set of features to manage enterprise content based documents in organized manner at minimal cost.

  • Extrodinary customer experience to meet business expectation.
  • Powerful and scalable technology built upon modern,meta data architecture.
  • Focus less on rotine management and maintenance.
  • Grow and optimize your IT Service potfolio.
  • Highily configurable and integrates with 3rd party applications with Service Management platform


  • Document Management System helps you on governing the practice both of documents managers and of any person who creates or uses document in the course of their business activities.
  • Setting policies and standards.
  • Establishing and promulgating procedures and guidelines.
  • Designing, implementing and administering specialized systems for managing documents.
  • Assigning responsibilities and authorities.
  • Providing a range of services relating to the management and use of documents.
  • Integrating documents management into business systems and processes.